5 Tips For Brides Walking Down The Aisle

As an experienced wedding photographer, I understand that brides can often get nervous leading up to the moment when they have to walk down the aisle. Because I have shot over 100 weddings and won multiple awards, I can safely say that I know a thing or two about how brides can own this moment and look her best for the photos and video. Every bride has her own unique grand entrance and while no two weddings are alike, I would like to offer some helpful tips to all future brides to make this “all eyes on you” moment a bit smoother. Here are 5 tips for brides walking down the aisle that can help brides be prepared and feel more confident. 

Alicia Pierce Photography – 5 Tips For Brides Walking Down The Aisle

1. Smile, Smile, Smile

Every step down the aisle can feel like a million miles, especially when all eyes are on you. As a wedding photographer, one of my favorite moments on any given day is capturing the look of pure love and joy on a bride’s face as she approaches her groom. A genuine smile truly lights up any image, making it timeless and unique. That’s why I always advise brides to smile while they are walking down the aisle. Even if nerves get the best of you, strive to channel positive energy and let your true emotions shine through in that unforgettable moment. Smile. think carefree thoughts, and savor every second – from the very first step until you arrive at your beloved’s side. 

2. Don’t Look Down

While you might get the urge to look down at the floor to make sure you’re not about to trip on your dress or veil, resist it! And although you want to make sure you don’t fall, looking down will only take away from those special photos. Trust yourself and have faith that you can confidently walk down the aisle gracefully and without any stumbles. Keep your head held high, chin up, and look straight ahead – you’ll thank yourself later when you see the beautiful photos from this treasured moment in your life.

3. Look At Your Fiancé

As you walk down the aisle, make sure to look at your fiancé and take in their reaction. Focus on them and appreciate this moment of togetherness – let your emotions flow freely and tell your story with every photo-worthy glance. It’s an incredibly special moment and it’s important to feel connected to your groom during this time. An adorable gaze between the two of you right before the vows will be captured in all its glory and remembered forever. 

4. Hold Your Bouquet Lower

A common mistake that most brides make is to hold their bouquets too high. Yes, you want to show off your gorgeous flowers, but not at the expense of having an unflattering photo. Instead, hold the bouquet lower so that your wedding photographer can capture more of the detail and beauty of your dress. Tilt your bouquet slightly forward so that more of the blooms show up in your photos. That way, you can have stunning photos with a bouquet placement that won’t distract your overall look.

5. Walk Slow

I get it, you’re nervous. Everybody is looking at you but don’t rush down the aisle. It’s a special moment. Photographing and videoing moving people can be a little tricky at times but if you slow down you’ll have more photos of this moment. Your photographer will have time to get vertical and horizontal shots. You don’t want that one good shot to be of you looking down or not making the best face. If you take your time, smile, and follow all of my other tips you’ll have a variety of spectacular photos of yourself walking down the aisle!

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