Brittany And Mike | Critz Farms Engagement Session

Getting to photograph a newly engaged couple always gets me excited! Weddings are amazing, of course, but there’s something extra special about capturing the start of a couple’s loving journey. Seeing each couple’s personalities reflected so beautifully in their photographs is a real honor. Not only do I get to hear all about their love story, but I also get to listen to their exciting wedding plans! Every time I have the pleasure of photographing a couple, it reminds me that love is truly magical and can take many different forms. Capturing Brittany and Mike’s Critz Farms engagement session was an absolute delight. We explored not just one but two gorgeous locations, and let me tell you, the engaged couple enjoyed their session to the fullest. 

Brittany And Mike’s Critz Farm Engagement Session

Capturing unforgettable moments is my specialty as a wedding and engagement photographer! Meeting new couples brings me so much joy, and Brittany and Mike were no exception. We clicked from the very start, and I knew that their engagement photoshoot would be nothing short of magical. Every shot was a delight, and I left feeling even more eager for their big day at Gatsby and Vernon NY – a venue I am very familiar with, and I can’t wait.

For Brittany and Mike’s engagement session, we traveled to two absolutely stunning locations – Critz Farms and Delphi Falls! I’m always up for mixing up locations to give my clients a unique experience (as long as they’re not too far apart!). Delphi Falls and Critz Farms are just a hop, skip, and jump from each other, and they’re both worth the visit. If you’re looking for a charming and picturesque setting to escape with your special someone, I highly recommend checking out these spots. They’re sure to transport you to your own little world.

Brittany and Mike’s engagement session began at the breathtaking Delphi Falls. I must say, it was a treat for the eyes! The couple dressed in casuals radiated a sense of calm, which I absolutely adored. The stunning waterfall in the background created a magical atmosphere, and the lovebirds laughed and simply enjoyed each other’s company. They made my job a breeze with their unique chemistry and infectious smiles. And let’s not forget Bruno – their paw-adorable dog! He stole the spotlight (but that was to be expected!). He was such a good boy and did so well when taking photos. Making the most of nature’s beauty, I captured Brittany and Mike just being themselves and stealing sweet kisses. Love was definitely in the air, and it was a delight to photograph a lovely couple such as them.

Next, we headed to Critz Farm, another great nearby location providing breathtaking backdrops. The one thing I loved about Brittany and Mike was how comfortable they were in front of the camera. They didn’t hesitate to show their love and affection toward each other, which made their engagement photos glow with romance. They couldn’t stop smiling and were utterly smitten with each other. If their pictures are not what being in love looks like, I don’t know what does!

Celebrate Love With Alicia Pierce Photography

Mike and Brittany, thank you for allowing me to photograph your engagement session. I loved spending the day with you awesome people, and it was an amazing experience documenting all your special memories. Congratulations on your engagement, and I can’t wait to see both of you soon. Cheers!

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