Laura And Christian’s Curtis Manor Wedding

Picture this: a beautiful rustic barn filled with love and laughter. That was the setting for Laura and Christian’s Curtis Manor wedding. It wasn’t only a day about tying the knot but also a homecoming of sorts, as both Laura and Christian spent their childhood in Oswego. Now living in Arizona, they chose to vow “forever” in a place that held a special place in their hearts. As their wedding photographer, I had the honor of capturing every detail, every moment that made their day so unique. From Laura’s stunning dress to the amazing ceremony decor, their hard work and dedication to planning this day was evident. Their Curtis Manor wedding was truly a celebration of love, beautifully wrapped in romance and nostalgia.

Laura And Christian’s Curtis Manor Wedding

The day started off with the radiant bride, Laura, and her enthusiastic squad, who were glowing with excitement. Rocking in their matching sweatshirts, they laughed and created a lighthearted atmosphere before changing into their formal wedding attire. As the time to walk down the aisle drew closer, Laura slipped into her wedding dress, and let me tell you, she looked absolutely stunning! Amid all the excitement, Laura’s parents were a comforting presence, ensuring every little detail was spot-on before their daughter embarked on her beautiful journey down the aisle. Meanwhile, Christian got ready in another room with his groomsmen.

Before the ceremony, Laura and Christian decided to have a sweet, intimate moment together – a no-look first look, if you will. Using a door as a partition, they stood on either side, their hands clasped tightly, soaking in their profound connection. This wasn’t about seeing each other before the ceremony; it was about feeling each other’s presence and saying a prayer for their marriage. Witnessing this deeply personal moment was incredibly touching. It was less about the tradition and more about connecting on a deeper level. This set the tone for the heartfelt ceremony that followed.

Laura and Christian’s wedding ceremony was simply beautiful. Set in the rustic barn of Curtis Manor, the scene was picture-perfect. White wooden chairs were neatly arranged on either side of the aisle, their simplicity offering a lovely contrast to the rugged charm of the barn walls. The altar, with its wooden beams, was elegantly decorated with white and red flowers and fresh green leaves. And then came the moment everyone had been waiting for – Laura’s walk down the aisle. Christian’s face lit up with the most genuine and wide smile as she stepped forward. It’s these heartwarming, fleeting moments that make wedding photography so incredibly special.

After Laura and Christian took their first steps as husband and wife, we snuck away for a quick couple’s photo shoot. The venue’s open spaces and lush greenery provided the perfect backdrop for some truly stunning wedding photos. Amidst the laughter and gentle whispers of the newlyweds, I was able to capture that delightful ‘just-married’ glow on their faces. 

Then, it was time to head inside for the reception – the part of the day where everyone lets loose and has fun! Laura and Christian decided to have their wedding party make an entrance together, which added a unique twist to the tradition. But the real highlight? Laura’s bridesmaids surprised her with a flash mob dance to ‘Mama Mia.’ And let’s not forget Christian’s groomsmen, who ensured the dance floor was never empty. It was a day filled with joy, laughter, and lots of dancing!

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Laura and Christian, your special day was the definition of all things warm, bright, and so full of love. I had a blast capturing all your precious memories, and I hope you love the pictures! Thank you for trusting me as your photographer. I wish you guys the best of luck. Congratulations, once again! 

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