Meghan and Patrick’s Downtown Syracuse Engagement Session

As a photographer, I often find myself crossing paths with some truly amazing people, and Meghan and Patrick are a prime example of this. Our connection took an unexpected, delightful turn when Meghan and I discovered our shared high school memories – I had graduated just a year ahead of Meghan. Although I won’t be the one capturing their wedding day, I was fortunate enough to freeze their love in time during their Downtown Syracuse engagement session. Even when the rain decided to make an appearance, it couldn’t dampen their spirits. Instead, they danced through it – a reminder that love can weather any storm.

Meghan and Patrick’s Downtown Syracuse Engagement Session

Our day began in Clinton Square with Meghan and Patrick looking every bit the radiant couple in love. Patrick was dressed in a green corduroy shirt paired perfectly with brown pants, while Meghan looked effortlessly chic in a cozy gray sweater and black jeans. Their choice of attire was a blend of comfort and style, reflecting their easy-going and genuine personalities. Hand-in-hand, they navigated the city streets and were so happy to be together. 

It was one of those days where the weather was on and off rainy, but we decided to go ahead, and I couldn’t be happier that we did! When the showers turned into a downpour, we made a dash for Salt City Market. This unexpected pit stop turned into a cozy interlude, giving us time to bond and share some laughs.

Our adventure took an even more exciting turn when we crossed the street to the Marriot. The historic hotel, with its stunning architecture, provided an incredibly beautiful setting for their engagement session. Meghan and Patrick decided to switch things up a bit with a quick wardrobe change – and boy, did they look stunning! Meghan slipped into a gorgeous floral-print dress paired with heels, and Patrick, on the other hand, looked dapper in a fresh maroon shirt. A comfy couch became the setting for their next series of portraits, and their infectious smiles and laughter created a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. It was amazing how Meghan and Patrick took the day’s unpredictability in stride, their love shining even brighter against the backdrop of the rain-soaked city.  

As the rain eased off, we took to the streets of downtown Syracuse once again. With clear umbrellas – a staple in my photography kit – we made our way around the city. And let me tell you, these two were absolute troopers! 

The overcast skies and towering city buildings set the stage for a tale of modern love. One of my personal favorite moments was when Patrick and Meghan shared a sweet kiss in front of a massive red heart graffiti. This vibrant backdrop not only added a pop of color to their photos but also served as a symbol of their love story – bold, beautiful, and full of life. Their engagement session turned out to be such a memorable one, a perfect blend of spontaneity and tender moments.

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Patrick and Meghan, I had such a fun time photographing your engagement session. The love between both of you is so strong, and I hope that you like your engagement pictures as much as I loved taking them. Congratulations on your engagement! 

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