Tom and Nicole’s early morning engagement session

When looking for a Syracuse NY Wedding photographer, Tom and Nicole took a very analytical approach. Both of them are engineers, so it didn’t surprise me that they had lists of questions to go and spreadsheets with answers. Some people have a list of questions that they want answers to, while others really just want to make sure they feel like they click with their photographer. Honestly, there isn’t a wrong approach.

Golden hour at Sun Rise

Tom and Nicole decided that waking up first thing in the morning to get their engagement photos was the right move for them even though Nicole isn’t a morning person! I can totally relate to that. Getting up in the morning isn’t easy for me, but I LOVE sunrise sessions. Even though Nicole didn’t have any coffee before our session she was an absolute trooper and I would have had no idea that she wasn’t a morning person.

I love doing sunrise sessions because the light hits just right. Not everybody knows that golden hour happens twice a day, not just once. I’ll be honest though, I am the furthest thing away from being a morning person. I will toss and turn all night before the session out of fear of not waking up in time! Can you relate to that?!

I knew that Tom and Nicole were a good fit for me and my business because they are fun-loving and goofy. I love it when couples can be themselves, goof around, and crack jokes.

The Wedding Venue

When Tom and Nicole told me that their wedding venue was Timber Banks I was incredibly excited. Timbers Banks is a new wedding venue in Baldwinsville, NY and I was eager to book a wedding there.

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