Andrew And Sofia’s Franklin Square Park Engagement Session

Jumping right into the heart of things, let’s revisit the love story of Andrew and Sofia, this time at their Franklin Square Park engagement session! Having had the privilege to witness and capture their memorable proposal at Green Lakes, their journey continues to unfold beautifully. And guess what? The universe has conspired to keep me on this joyous journey with them, as I will also be capturing their big day at the lovely Lincklaen House in Cazenovia! I can hardly contain my excitement. 

Andrew and Sofia are a testament to what love looks like – joyful and full of life. For this chapter of their love story, we chose the picturesque Franklin Square Park for their engagement session, offering a different yet equally captivating setting compared to the serene waters of Green Lakes, where Andrew popped the question.

Andrew And Sofia’s Franklin Square Park Engagement Session

With brilliant outdoor lighting and the beautiful Franklin Square Park setting, Andrew and Sofia’s engagement photos turned out so beautiful. Famous for being incredibly picturesque, we took advantage of all the spots at Franklin Square Park as Sofia and Andrew happily posed in front of different backdrops. 

Donning their chic and cozy coats, Andrew and Sofia looked every bit the picture-perfect couple during their Franklin Square Park Engagement Session. Their love for each other was palpable, radiating warmth even in the midst of winter. The effortless romance between them was beautifully captured as they shared tender kisses and held hands, posing at various picturesque spots around the park. The cool winter backdrop, coupled with the scenic beauty of the park, set the stage for some truly stunning photos. Each romantic portrait of the couple seemed like a still straight from a romantic movie, encapsulating their love story in the most charming way possible!

As a photographer, I love candid moments. They always seem so genuine and real, and they capture the feeling of a moment in a way that posed photos never can. And I got it all with Sofia and Andrew. It was such a lovely day with these two lovebirds, and I’m so grateful that I was able to capture these lovely memories for them. 

From posing against a brick wall and looking at each other with deep admiration to impromptu dances, swirls, and graceful dips, they embraced every moment. Everywhere they stood, every pose they struck, and every moment they shared just showed how excited they were for this new beginning in their lives.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of Sofia and Andrew’s Franklin Square Park engagement session was undeniably their infectious joy and laughter. Between shared jokes and playful piggyback rides, their happiness was evident in every photo. This delightful duo truly knows how to enjoy each other’s company, and it’s a pleasure to see their love come alive in front of the camera. I am eagerly looking forward to capturing more such beautiful moments at their upcoming wedding. So, stick around because there’s plenty more to come from this awesome couple!

Celebrate Love With Alicia Pierce Photography

Andrew and Sofia, thank you so much for getting back to me and allowing me to photograph your engagement session. It was a perfect day, and the photos speak for themselves. I’m so happy for you guys, and I can’t wait to see you both saying “I do”! Congratulations, once again.

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