Chelsea & Dylan’s Green Lakes State Park Engagement Session

It’s funny how things work out sometimes, isn’t it? I met Chelsea when she was at another wedding that I photographed, but little did I know that our paths would cross again for her Green Lakes State Park engagement session with her partner Dylan. Let me tell you, these two are the real deal. They were both so down to earth and up for anything, which made for a really fun and exciting session. From their shenanigans on the sand to striking the most romantic poses by the water, every moment was filled with pure love and joy. I also loved learning more about their wedding plan and can’t wait for all the happiness and love that’s in store for these lovebirds.

Chelsea And Dylan’s Green Lakes State Park Engagement Session

It was a stunning day at Green Lakes State Park with Chelsea and Dylan! The weather played its part perfectly, and the park itself was like stepping into a nature lover’s dream, with countless spots waiting to be captured. And, amid all this beauty, Chelsea and Dylan were #CoupleGoals, radiating love and happiness. Walking alongside them, you could feel their chemistry – those stolen glances, endless laughter, and shared jokes. I could sense from the start that this would be a magical experience. And guess what? It absolutely was!

Gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, Chelsea and Dylan seemed lost in their little bubble of love. We explored several locations in the park, and wherever they went, their love story followed, allowing me to capture some truly unforgettable moments. Posing on the cobbled rock stairs, kissing by the lake, or nestled among lush greens at the water’s edge, these two aced every romantic shot! I was completely in awe of how perfectly their love exuded in every frame. And my heart filled with joy as I clicked away, witnessing their effortless love story.

The playful side of their relationship was just as special! These two were like a dynamic duo of fun, cracking jokes and sharing these heartwarming laughs. I’m telling you, their sand adventures were pure joy. From goofy poses to those playful hip bumps, it was a hilarious love fest. It felt like I was catching a glimpse of their inside jokes and secret language. Seeing them head over heels and so at ease, goofing around, was like a breath of fresh air. 

It was no surprise that they took a few steps in the lake soon after, and it was mesmerizing to see these two in love, holding hands in the water. The breathtaking landscape made for the perfect serene reflection in the water. It was a picture-perfect moment in every sense of the word!

Celebrate Love With Alicia Pierce Photography

A big shoutout to Chelsea and Dylan, and thank you for letting me capture your fantastic engagement session. You guys were an absolute joy to work with, and documenting your special moments was my absolute honor. Congratulations once again!

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