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10 Thing to do in Syracuse NY

As a professional wedding photographer based in Syracuse, NY, I have had the pleasure of capturing the most beautiful moments of couples as they embark on their journey of love. But today, I want to shift the lens from the usual wedding talk and focus it on the guests who will be joining you to celebrate your big day. When planning a wedding, it’s not only about the couple but also about creating an unforgettable experience for your guests, especially those who are traveling from afar. So, here’s my personal list of the ten must-have experiences in Syracuse that your guests can explore and try out! 

10 Thing to do in Syracuse NY

1. Embrace Nature At Green Lakes State Park

With its meromictic lakes (a rarity in the natural world), Green Lakes State Park offers a visual feast that’s hard to find elsewhere. Imagine turquoise waters straight out of a fantasy novel! Here, you can hike through lush trails, set up camp under the stars, or enjoy a peaceful day on the sandy beach. It’s the perfect outdoor escape for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

2. Dive Into Art At Everson Museum of Art

For those who find beauty in brush strokes and sculptures, the Everson Museum of Art is your haven. This architectural marvel houses an impressive collection of American art spanning various media and time periods. It’s a wonderful place to wander, reflect, and maybe even find some inspiration for your own life’s canvas.

3. Rosamond Gifford Zoo For Animal Lovers

Animal lovers can’t miss the chance to visit the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. Home to a wide range of exotic and native animals, this zoo offers an intimate glimpse into the animal kingdom. It’s a fun and educational experience for people of all ages, making it a perfect family outing.

4. Visit The Wild Animal Park In Chittenango

Continuing the animal adventure, The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango is another must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts. This interactive experience allows you to get up close and personal with some of the most fascinating creatures. It’s a thrilling escape into the wild that you won’t forget.

5. Shop Till You Drop At Destiny USA

Rain or shine, Destiny USA is a shopper’s paradise. With an endless array of stores, from high-end brands to unique local boutiques, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. And when you need a break from shopping, there are numerous eateries and entertainment options to keep you occupied. It’s a one-stop shop for fun, food, and fashion!

6. Spark Curiosity At The Museum Of Science And Technology

For the young and young at heart, the Museum of Science and Technology is a playground of discovery. With hands-on exhibits and a planetarium, it’s a place where curiosity meets fun. It’s an educational adventure that’s sure to spark a love for learning and exploration 

7. Cheer On For The Syracuse Mets

Baseball fans, grab your mitts and caps! Catching a Syracuse Mets game is a great way to soak up some local culture and enjoy America’s favorite pastime. It encapsulates the spirit of community and sport, making it a must-do for anyone visiting during the season.

8. Experience The Excitement Of College Sports

Sports enthusiasts, there’s more! The iconic Dome at Syracuse University is the heart of college sports in the city. Whether it’s basketball, football, or lacrosse, experiencing a game here is electric. The energy, the fans, and the sheer love for the game make it an unforgettable experience.

9. Savor The Craft Beer Scene

Syracuse has something special for craft beer aficionados. The city boasts a wide selection of breweries, each offering unique and flavorful brews. It’s a delightful way to taste the local craftsmanship and perhaps find your new favorite beer!

10. Take A Stroll Through Downtown Syracuse

Last but not least, no visit to Syracuse is complete without exploring the heart of the city. Downtown Syracuse is a tapestry of historic architecture, charming shops, and culinary delights. Take a leisurely stroll, soak in the ambiance, and treat yourself to a meal at one of the many local restaurants. It’s the perfect way to cap off your Syracuse adventure.

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Living and working in Syracuse, I’ve had the chance to experience all four seasons in their full glory and explore various facets of this amazing city. I hope this guide helps you make the most of your stay! Embrace the moments, create memories, and, most importantly, enjoy every minute of your adventure. 

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