Danielle And Mikayla’s Stunning Upper Onondaga Park Engagement

Despite their hopes for a snowy winter wonderland, Danielle and Mikayla’s love shone brightly in their February engagement photoshoot. These two wanted snowy engagement photos, having already captured stunning beach photos when they first got engaged. Unfortunately, the weather in Central New York wasn’t on our side. Nevertheless, it turned out that all they truly needed was each other. Every shot from their Upper Onondaga Park engagement session reflected their connection.

Danielle And Mikayla’s Upper Onondaga Park Engagement Session

Upper Onondaga Park served as a stunning backdrop as the sun illuminated the beauty and magic between Danielle and Mikayla. Their engagement session was enchanting, and I immersed myself completely in their love story. From the way they held hands, laughed, twirled, and basked in each other’s company – every moment was a testament to their love and the happiness they felt as they celebrated this new milestone in their lives.

As an engagement photographer, it always brings me immense joy when my couples take the initiative to showcase their unique personalities and profound connections. And Danielle and Mikayla did just that at their engagement session. Dressed to impress in matching black outfits with beautiful burgundy overcoats, they looked spectacular. Witnessing and capturing their effortless connection – from cozy cuddles to playful laughter – was heartwarming. It was a pleasure to document their individuality and deep bond beautifully in every shot. 

The park was like paradise on earth and provided numerous breathtaking backdrops. I love a location that allows my couple and myself to explore, and Upper Onondaga Park didn’t disappoint! No matter where we went, Danielle and Mikayla’s love radiated and every picture represented their one-of-a-kind magical love. 

From posing on a swing set and dancing on the bridge to sharing sweet kisses by the stream or walking hand-in-hand through the park, they embraced every moment with a passion that was truly contagious. Everywhere they stood, every pose they struck, and every moment they shared just showed how deeply in love they were.

Engagement sessions are meant to be fun!

Every second of Danielle and Mikayla’s engagement session was filled with love, and the way they giggled together was like watching something out of a romantic movie! Moments like these remind me why I love what I do. When I see two people who are meant to be together, basking in their happiness – it’s nothing short of magical. If this is what true love looks like, then I don’t want to miss a single moment of it.

Danielle and Mikayla are the kind of couple who will go out of their way to make each other happy. They’ve been in a loving relationship for some time now, and guess what!? Danielle is putting in a lot of hard work to ensure that Mikayla’s dream wedding becomes a reality. Mikayla, if you’re reading this, I just want to say that you’re one lucky person! And Danielle – you got this! I am so excited to see them tie the knot this June at Traditions at the Links in East Syracuse. These adventurous souls are a perfect match for each other, and their love story has been a delight to witness, and I know their wedding day will be a reflection of the love and happiness they share.

Celebrate Love With Alicia Pierce Photography

Danielle and Mikayla, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for allowing me to photograph your engagement session. I’ve had the privilege of capturing many couples in love, but there was something truly special about witnessing the love and happiness between you two. It was an absolute joy to be a part of your milestone. Congratulations, once again!

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