Heather And Anthony | Windmill Acres Watertown Wedding

Heather and Anthony’s Windmill Acres Watertown wedding was a true celebration of love, family, and togetherness. From getting ready in cozy cottages to the emotional first look with Heather’s dad and brothers, there was nothing but pure joy and love in the air. But what truly touched everyone’s hearts was the bride and her family paying tribute to her late grandfather in not one, but two epic ways. It added a sentimental touch to their wedding, and I was glad to capture it all for the amazing couple.

Heather And Anthony’s Windmill Acres Watertown Wedding

Windmill Acres set the dreamiest scene for Heather and Anthony’s wedding. They chose to get ready in cozy cottages in Sackets Harbor, where Heather’s family spent their summers. As Heather donned her gorgeous wedding dress, her bridesmaids and adoring mother were by her side, their faces brimming with joy and excitement. And Heather’s first look with her dad and brothers? It seriously melted my heart, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room!

Then, I headed outdoors to the serene lake, where Anthony patiently waited for his bride-to-be in a smart gray suit. As Heather approached him, the look on Anthony’s face was priceless. They embraced each other and shared a tender kiss that made for some stunning couples portraits. The natural lighting and quaint settings added a magical touch to their photos.

But the most heartfelt moment of all was when Heather honored her late grandfather in the most beautiful way! She tied a photo memory charm of her grandfather on her bouquet with the words “Grandpa, missing you as I walk down the aisle” embossed. It has to be one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen a bride do on her big day.

The ceremony was nothing short of dreamy, with Anthony’s eyes lighting up as Heather walked toward him. The simple yet beautiful wedding altar adorned with blue and white flowers blended perfectly with the natural surroundings. 

Heather and Anthony’s decision to take most of their photos before the ceremony allowed them to be fully present and enjoy the cocktail hour and reception with their loved ones. The newlyweds had a lovely first dance. And then something even more wonderful happened! Heather’s family gathered in a circle on the dance floor, singing “Lean on me” in honor of her late grandfather. It brought everyone together and left everyone feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

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Heather and Anthony, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I feel honored to have captured all the precious moments of your special day. Heather, I’m sure your grandfather is watching over you from heaven and feeling incredibly proud and happy for you and Anthony. Congratulations once again, and I hope you and your family enjoy an abundance of love and happiness!

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