Lindsey And Rory | Skaneateles, NY, Wedding

Lindsey and Rory’s wedding in Skaneateles, NY, was pure magic! The town’s charm added to the warmth, love, and authenticity that overflowed during the celebration. What really stood out to me was Lindsey’s desire to capture the wedding as organically as possible. She didn’t want to spend too much time posing for photos, which I totally admire. The couple wanted to be present in the moment and soak up every bit of their special occasion. And what a day it was! From heartfelt vows to an amazing choreographed first dance, there wasn’t a dull moment.

Lindsey And Rory’s Skaneateles, NY, Wedding

I began the day by capturing solo portraits of Lindsey as she got ready to get married to the love of her life. The stunning bride beamed with confidence and happiness in her gorgeous dress for the bridal portraits, while Rory, her partner, looked absolutely dashing in his suit and tie – they made quite the power couple! The champagne flowed as they laughed and got hyped up for the festivities to come.

Photographing Lindsey and Rory’s couples portraits was an absolute joy! Their wide smiles and happy eyes simply lit up every single shot I took. It was lovely documenting the couple with their wedding party. Surrounded by all of their nearest and dearest, love was all around. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched them lost in each other’s eyes, treasuring every single moment of their big day. These two sweethearts definitely stole my heart!

I couldn’t have hoped for better weather to capture Lindsey and Rory’s union. The clear skies and sunshine set the stage for a lovely ceremony against the serene backdrop of a flowing river. And the elegant wooden pergola highlighted the grandeur of the occasion.

I was delighted to photograph the guests’ happy faces as they witnessed Lindsey and Rory exchanging their vows. I felt so privileged to capture this intimate moment between these two people who were ready to take on the world together. It’s moments like these that remind us of the sheer joy that love can bring.

Lindsey and Rory’s reception was the perfect way to cap off their special day. Their first dance was absolutely incredible – they channeled their inner Sandy and Danny from the classic movie “Grease” and choreographed the whole thing. It was SO fun, and their energy was infectious.

But the highlight of the day had to be when they gathered everyone for a heartwarming toast. It was a unique touch to their wedding day that truly showcased their appreciation for the people in their lives. All in all, Lindsey and Rory’s wedding was a beautiful reflection of who they are as a couple – fun, laid-back, and totally in love. It was truly a joy to be a part of their intimate celebration.

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Lindsey and Rory, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I had a great time being a part of your big day and documenting all its special moments. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness and love!

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