Carrie And Ryan | Sonnenberg Gardens Engagement Session

Carrie and Ryan’s engagement session at Sonnenberg Gardens was an absolute dream. The venue’s beauty, the perfect weather, and the couple’s amazing chemistry made for a magical day filled with love and laughter. I am passionate about documenting precious memories, and this session was a testament to why I love my job. Meeting wonderful people like Carrie and Ryan and capturing their special moments is truly a highlight of my work. 

Carrie And Ryan’s Sonnenberg Gardens Engagement Session

Sonnenberg Gardens is a photographer’s dream come true! This venue is like stepping into an enchanting fairy tale, with its majestic gardens and vibrant greenery providing a magical backdrop for our photos. If you adore nature and the great outdoors, this location is an absolute gem. Each corner of the gardens offers a unique and picturesque setting, perfect for creating unforgettable engagement photos.

One of the things I absolutely love about Carrie and Ryan is how much fun they have together. Their fun-loving energy is contagious! Carrie and I have been following each other on Instagram for a while now, and when I saw that she and Ryan got engaged, I was so excited for them! Even though we had never met in person, it felt like I already knew them. 

The engagement session…

For their first look, Carrie wore a stunning pink dress that was covered with pink roses that were stitched onto it. Super cute! Ryan wore a green shirt with brown pants. Both of their outfits complemented their surroundings perfectly, adding to the romantic and whimsical feel of the session. We stopped at several spots for pictures, but my absolute favorite was when Carrie and Ryan strolled through the gardens. The pathways seemed like a maze, but a beautiful and enchanting one! It was such a pleasant day, and the couple was beaming with happiness.

Ryan dipped Carrie and kissed her, and they laughed and smiled as their love shone brightly. It was such a romantic day, and love was definitely in the air! Capturing photos of this wonderful couple was a delightful experience. We spent time walking around Sonnenberg Gardens, exploring its unique spots while beating the rain. I’m so thrilled to photograph their wedding next year!

An outfit change

Carrie and Ryan went for a casual yet chic vibe for their second look. Carrie wore a white top paired with blue jeans, while Ryan sported brown pants and a black shirt with striking floral designs. As they strolled hand-in-hand through the gardens, I captured some gorgeous photos that showcased their love and joy. One of my favorite spots was the magnificent mansion covered in green vines. Carrie and Ryan looked absolutely charming as they sat on the mansion steps, enjoying their time together and savoring the feeling of being engaged.

A Few More Sweet Moments

As we continued our session, we took full advantage of the lush greenery. The green trees and charming stone arches made it feel like we were in a wonderland. As a photographer, I couldn’t get enough of the diverse and picturesque backgrounds that Sonnenberg Gardens had to offer. The gardens seemed to have a magical quality that perfectly complemented Carrie and Ryan’s love story.

One of the things I love most about photography is capturing candid moments. They always feel so genuine and real, and they capture the feeling of a moment in a way that posed photos never can. As we moved to another spot, I photographed Carrie and Ryan holding hands and skipping. It was such a cute and fun moment that truly showcased their playful and loving personalities.

Celebrate Love With Alicia Pierce Photography

Carrie and Ryan, you two are made for each other! Thank you for choosing me as your engagement photographer. It was an honor to capture this special time in your lives. It was lovely spending time with and getting to know both of you. I look forward to documenting your future milestones as well. Congratulations, once again! 

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