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You’ve heard me saying this a thousand times but being a wedding photographer is an incredibly rewarding job, and I never get tired of saying! It’s a true honor and joy to capture the special moments shared between a couple and their loved ones. From the diverse themes, settings, and decorations to the carefully selected music that sets the celebratory tone, I cherish documenting every fleeting moment that makes each wedding unique and meaningful. Mary Kate and Liam’s wedding at Timber Banks in Baldwinsville, New York, was a perfect example of this. Their entire day was flawlessly planned, and I’d like to share some of my favorite moments from their wedding day!

Mary Kate And Liam’s Wedding At Timber Banks In Baldwinsville

Mary Kate and Liam couldn’t have chosen a more perfect venue for their big day. Timber Banks in Baldwinsville, New York, isn’t just a venue; it’s a haven of beauty and elegance that caters to every couple’s dream wedding. Nestled among lush greenery and picturesque landscapes, Timber Banks offers a serene and enchanting setting that made Mary Kate and Liam’s wedding truly magical. The venue boasts a charming mix of rustic and modern elements, with its beautifully manicured lawns, majestic trees, and a stunning golf course. 

I began Mary Kate and Liam’s wedding photography by capturing the getting-ready moments. Mary Kate was glowing with excitement as she got ready for the big day. She was surrounded by her bridesmaids, flower girl, and mom, and they enjoyed sitting together and sipping some pre-celebratory drinks. Her wedding gown transformed her into a princess, and her hair was neatly tied up in a bun. Liam, looking equally dashing in his suit, exuded both confidence and happiness. Photographing this lovely couple on their special day was an absolute delight!

Mary Kate and Liam had a touching wedding ceremony indoors. Mary Kate walked down the aisle with her mom and dad, and Liam was in awe. He stood patiently at the altar, waiting for his bride. The room had brilliant lighting, allowing me to get clear shots of all the important people. Liam’s eyes lit up when he saw Mary Kate, and it was clear that this was a moment they had both been dreaming of.

The ceremony was touching and filled with heartfelt vows and tender glances. The officiant shared beautiful words and Mary Kate and Liam’s love for each other was evident in every moment, from the way they held hands to the way they looked into each other’s eyes. After saying “I do,” the couple had the biggest smiles on their faces. They even popped some bubbly outside! It was priceless. Just happy vibes everywhere. 

Next, we whisked the couple away for some couples portraits outdoors. The weather was perfect, and the venue made it easy to find different spots to take photos! Mary Kate and Liam were kissing and embracing each other, making it easy to work with them. One of my favorite photos was by the dock. The couple were pros at posing and just had such a good time soaking up all those just married feels. The dock, with its serene water and beautiful reflections, created a dreamy and romantic setting for their portraits. I also took more photos of the wedding party, and at this point, everybody was super relaxed in front of the camera. The bridesmaids and groomsmen had a blast striking poses and sharing laughs, creating a fun and lively atmosphere. 

Sweet Memories From The Reception

The couple had an amazing reception. These two planned the entire day perfectly and kept their guests entertained! Mary Kate decided to dedicate her bouquet to her mom instead of doing a toss. It was a heartfelt gesture that moved everyone. During the reception, Mary Kate gave a beautiful speech to her mom, expressing her gratitude and love. It was a touching moment that highlighted the deep bond between mother and daughter.

As the evening progressed, I got a chance to take some more couple portraits during the blue hour, when the sky was a bright blue color. The soft, cool tones of the blue hour added a different dimension to the photos, creating a serene and ethereal atmosphere. Mary Kate and Liam looked like a fairytale couple against the backdrop of the twilight sky, making these portraits some of my favorites from the day.

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Mary Kate and Liam, you are a match made in heaven! Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I hope you love your wedding pictures as much as I loved taking them. Congratulations on getting married, and I look forward to capturing your future milestones. Cheers!

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